5 Factors Social Workers Need To Know To Build a Successful Business

and earn the money you deserve

Helping People in Need is what you Love to do

Have you ever thought of ...

Helping people in need is what you love to do as a Social Worker. Above all and everything else. But often you get distracted: the system you have to work in doesn’t always support you and your passion. Your salary doesn’t align with the huge value you deliver. 

Have you ever thought of creating your own system that allows you to focus on helping these people and in the same time bring in enough money to feed your family? 

Have you ever thought of combining your helping skills with entrepreneurial skills to turn your value into real cash? 

Have you ever thought of starting your own business to create the vehicle that carries your dream? A business that pays your own salary? A business that allows you to fully focus on helping people while earning a good income? 


My clients always come in the first place!

"But no matter how hard I work, no matter how I try to be innovative ... at the end of each month my salary is still the same! This started to feel uncomfortable ..."  

Jelle de Boer


This is What I did ...

I’m a Social Worker. I’m one of you. I’ve build my own business. I made the journey and transformation myself. My business allows me a good salary. Now I’m helping other Social Workers to build a business too.

5 Crucial Factors

When I started my business I was not sure at all that I would succeed in make a living. To be honest: The newspaper told me that more than 50% of starting entrepreneurs fail in their first year. 

And yes my first year was a struggle. The second and third year also. But there was something that kept me going. And in my fourth year things started to change. In my sixth year I made my first six-figure in revenue. 

Finally I could congratulate myself in making a good living for me and my family while still feeling aligned with my Social Soul. 

That’s when I started thinking: what is it that I’m doing different from these entrepreneurs who fail. And I came up with 5 crucial factors that are the basis for my success. Why I was able to successfully transform from Social Worker into a Social Worker Entrepreneur. 

Now I want to share these factors with you.  

  • from 4-8 September
  • each day 1 factor
  • daily short assignment
  • closed FB group to connect with me and other participants
  • Q&A on September 12th
  • This course will help you to identify whether you are capable of making this transformation too. 
  • It will also help you to identify what it is that you have to improve. 
  • And I will help you with that! Each factor comes with an assignment to put you on the right track. 

If you think this is for you, the only thing you have to do right now is to sign up!